One of them was Rev. William Skipper of Boston, who had reached the American mainland by ship in 1639 and is the ancestor of Markle’s father, Thomas.

One of them was Rev. William Skipper of Boston, who had reached the American mainland by ship in 1639 and is the ancestor of Markle’s father, Thomas.

One of them was Rev. William Skipper of Boston, who had reached the American mainland by ship in 1639 and is the ancestor of Markle’s father, Thomas. In her case, Skipper is the key figure between the old and the new continent, explains Roberts: “He is the access ancestor who connects America with Great Britain.”

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In retrospect, New England became a genealogical bottleneck: residents of the northeast married newcomers before settlers and entire families moved south and west in the 19th century. Today around a third of all Americans have roots in New England, with European origins often leading to royal England, but sometimes also to France. According to Roberts, this is the case with pop stars like Madonna and Justin Bieber, but also with actress Angelina Jolie and writer Jack Kerouac. Royal ancestry can also be proven in half of the US presidents.

Relation to: George W. Bush, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon

Markle’s distant relatives include very different celebrities: Not only do they include most of Europe’s modern royal families, but also nine US presidents. Her American cousins ​​of various degrees include George W. Bush, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon, and Markle is distantly related to three first ladies, former US Secretary of State John Kerry and actor James Dean.

Even nine US presidents in my own relatives are not unusual, says Roberts: “I have about nine myself.” Despite the similar-sounding name, he has not yet been able to establish a connection to an important figure on the other side of the Atlantic during his research: the relationship with a woman named Angela Merkel.

Meghan’s father is probably not coming to the wedding

There are new speculations about Meghan’s father: Thomas Markle should not come to his daughter’s wedding after all. He had a heart attack six days ago, he said, as the Internet service “” reported on Monday.

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Thomas Markle is said to have told the American celebrity portal “” that he wanted to stay in the USA so as not to embarrass his daughter or the royal family. The 73-year-old responded to allegations that he had paparazzi photos taken for money. He also had a heart attack a few days ago, according to A spokeswoman for the royal family did not want to expressly confirm the alleged rejection of Thomas Markle on request.

The Kensington Palace in London wrote in a message late in the evening that a few days before their wedding, the bride was in a situation that affects her very much, that her father was in a “difficult situation”. However, the father’s rejection was not initially confirmed.

It was unclear Tuesday whether the father was actually diagnosed with a heart attack. Thomas Markle had claimed in an interview with “” that he left the hospital at his own request. According to a report in the Daily Mail, Harry and Meghan are devastated. Meghan very much wishes that her father would be there in Windsor, writes the paper, without naming exact sources.

Who leads Meghan to the altar?

Who could lead Meghan to the altar instead of the father? British media tipped a member of the Royals or Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland (61) on Tuesday. Meghan says she gets along brilliantly with the social worker and yoga teacher. The parents divorced when Meghan was six years old. She grew up with her mother. A third option would be for Meghan to go to the altar alone. The Kensington Palace did not want to comment.

© REUTERS / Mark Blinch Meghan with her mother Doria Ragland

According to, the father, who used to be a light expert in TV productions, regrets his agreement with the photographer. He was previously upset about paparazzi snapshots, which had put him in a bad light. Thomas Markle is also quoted as saying that it was not primarily about money.

The 73-year-old, who has Dutch and Irish ancestors, is said to have had money problems and failed to pay bills despite a large lottery win. In 2016, he filed for bankruptcy, as the British news agency PA reported on Tuesday.

The controversial photos show how the pensioner looks at photos of his daughter in an internet cafe, studies an illustrated book about Great Britain and has a suit measured. Later, however, images from a surveillance camera emerged that Markle showed in conversation with a photographer.

British media speculated that the 73-year-old may have felt too pressured about the wedding. He lives in seclusion in the Mexican town of Rosarito and in the USA. His relationship with his daughter should be good, but with ups and downs in the past. On Father’s Day, Meghan once wrote under a picture of Thomas Markle on Instagram: “To this day, your hugs are the best in the world.” Another time she emphasized that he had invested “blood, sweat and tears” so that she could fulfill her dreams.

Meghan Markle’s ex-lover was a porn star

At the age of 22, the actress is said to have dated a former porn star. Simon Rex was among others in the “Scary Movie” series.

A stamp for the newlyweds

The British Royal Mail is issuing special postage stamps for the wedding of Prince Harry and his Meghan this Saturday. The royal mail announced on Tuesday. On the stamps valued at 1 and 1.55 pounds sterling, the pair can be seen once tightly entwined in color and once hand in hand in black and white. The pictures were taken for the engagement late last year. The stamps will be available in post offices across the UK from Saturday. Three different commemorative coins for the wedding are already in circulation.

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Meghan’s father causes a scandal shortly before the wedding

A few days before the wedding, Meghan’s father Thomas Markle causes a scandal. The 73-year-old lives withdrawn in Mexico and has so far been extremely shy of publicity. He always fled the press and was very taciturn.

Now, however, photos emerged showing him doing fitness training, in an internet café, and trying on a made-to-measure suit. According to the “Daily Mail” said pictures should not have been shot by paparazzi accidentally. No, it is always the same photographer from Los Angeles who stages the pictures. Meghan’s father is said to have teamed up with him and sold the photos worldwide for a six-figure sum.

According to his son Thomas Markle Jr., the family’s story is “deeply embarrassing”. Meghan’s father wants to apologize to her for his actions, it is said.

Is the royal family behind it?

However, there is another theory. And that says that the British palace could be behind the pictures, to put Meghan’s father in a more positive light after the first paparazzi shots, which show him with beer, cigarettes and a woman.

Thomas Markle should actually lead his daughter Meghan to the altar on Saturday. According to his behavior, his appearance should be on the brink.

Harry and Meghan sleep separately the night before

The night before their wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to stay in separate hotels near Windsor. The Kensington Palace announced on Monday. Prince Harry will spend the night in Coworth Park, a luxury hotel near the famous Ascot Racecourse.

All rooms there are already booked for the coming weekend, a suite at the beginning of June costs around 2,400 euros per night. Harry’s brother, Prince William, is also indulging in an overnight stay in the luxury accommodation as a best man.

Meghan Markle will be staying at the Cliveden House Hotel on the Thames with her mother, Doria Ragland. Suites are available there from a price of the equivalent of 1,250 euros. Meghan will drive to church with her mother on the wedding day.

The hotel complexes are approximately 15 miles apart. It is less than half an hour’s drive from both hotels to the church on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Shaking hands instead of a honeymoon

Harry and Meghan won’t head straight for their honeymoon after their May 19 wedding at Windsor Castle. Instead, a few days after the celebration, the couple will attend a charity reception in London with Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

The event in the Buckingham Palace garden, hosted by Charles-sponsored organizations, will be Harry and Meghan’s first appearance as a married couple. The two are very socially committed themselves.

According to media reports, the two media reports don’t want to go on their honeymoon until a little later. It is not yet known where to go. There is speculation about various destinations in Africa. British media have identified a luxury resort in the Namibian desert as a possible travel destination.

Who actually pays for the royal wedding?

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19 in Windsor will be one of the greatest events in royal history – and arguably one of the most expensive. The royal family pays for the celebration. For music, decoration as well as food and drinks, the royals have to shell out around 1.7 million pounds (1.9 million euros), calculated the wedding planners of the British app Bridebook.

But the biggest item on the bill will be security. UK taxpayers will have to pay for that. It was recently revealed that the 2011 wedding of Prince William and Kate had cost the police around £ 6.3 million (around seven million euros).

© APA / AFP / Dimitar DILKOFF Kate and William at their wedding in April 2011

British media assume that it could be even more expensive for Harry and Meghan because the risk of terrorism is higher and there have been racist threats against Meghan. She has African American roots on her mother’s side.

Graham Smith, spokesman for the group Republic, which advocates the abolition of the monarchy, demands that the royals pay the costs themselves. “The bottom line is this is a private wedding and if you want to celebrate it in Windsor in a way that requires crowd control and security, then the royal family should pay for it themselves,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

Meghan is said to be supposed to pay for her wedding dress and the honeymoon herself. After all, 137,000 for the trip and around 343,000 euros for the dress, says Bridebook.

Condoms on the occasion of the wedding

Prince Harry and his Meghan will probably not need them because the couple are planning to have children after the wedding, but a company has now released a special edition condom for fans. “Crown Jewels” is the name of the limited edition that can be found in an unofficial souvenir box.

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8,278 euros for Harry Meghan as a PEZ dispenser

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are worth 7,300 pounds (8,278 euros) as PEZ donors. Haas, based in Traun near Linz, produced a unique piece of the dream couple made of plastic on the occasion of the royal wedding on May 9th and auctioned it for a good cause. The auction started at EUR 0.99 and ended on Sunday at 10:00 p.m.

© APA / AFP / POOL / Victoria Jones Harry and Meghan as PEZ donors

46 participants bid for the coveted donor “Harry Meghan, “reported the company. The proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK.

Meghan and Harry rely on regional vegetables

Preparations for Harry and Meghan’s wedding are in full swing – including the chefs. The couple mainly rely on classic dishes and especially on seasonal vegetables from the region, reported the Queen’s chef, Mark Flanagan, to the British news agency PA. “We just made the suggestions and the couple tried everything; they were involved in every detail,” said Flanagan. Many products came from the royal lands. Sweet and savory canapes would have to be designed for the celebration so that they can be eaten in two bites. Flanagan did not want to give more details about the meal on May 19 at Windsor Castle.

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Hundreds of people are entertained: after the wedding, the 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth gives. II a reception for around 600 guests in St. George’s Hall in Windsor Castle, west of London. For the evening, Prince Charles, as the groom’s father, has invited family members and friends of the couple to the idyllic Frogmore House on the castle grounds. 200 guests are expected there.

Red post box collects greetings from America

Wedding greetings from the New World: Thousands of British and Americans living in the USA took the opportunity to congratulate Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle on their wedding with a greeting card. The British embassy in the US capital Washington had specially put up pictures of the couple in front of a signal red post box typical for Great Britain.

Many children took part in the campaign and painted the cards with colorful pictures. The wedding greetings should have crossed the Atlantic in time for the wedding next weekend. Most Americans are more reserved about the royal family of the former colonial power.

The Queen allows the wedding

Big sigh of relief: Prince Harry and Meghan officially received permission for their wedding at the weekend. The palace published a handwritten document from Queen Elizabeth.

Bearing The Queen’s signature, the Instrument of Consent records Her Majesty’s consent to the Marriage of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle.


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– The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily)

May 13, 2018

In the so-called

“Instrument of Consent”

the Queen gives her approval for her grandson’s marriage to Meghan Markle. Already on March 14th she formally agreed to the connection, now the certificate, written on parchment paper, has been published. As sixth in line to the throne, Prince Harry needs the Queen’s permission for the wedding.

The Queen describes Harry in the certificate as her “beloved grandson”. In addition to the text, there are also many decorations on the writing. On the right is a rose, the national flower of the USA. The poppies are the symbol of California, the state Meghan is from.