Cannabis Product Reviews – Ish O-Pen Flavored Vape Pens

Cannabis Product Reviews – Ish O-Pen Flavored Vape Pens

No one was more amazed than my friends and I also we do that we liked this product, but. We do!

That’s because none of us are regular fans of fruit-flavored vapes, an item frequently well-liked by cannabis newbies in place of the OGs. Likewise, I heard a groan that is collective my testers if they found out that which we were testing. We admonished the team to help keep an open mind and reminded them that even though fruit flavored vapes may not be your own personal choice, lots of people they can expect from distillate like them and a lot of folks appreciate the consistency.

I state all of this to let you realize that individuals went into testing the Ish O-Pen vapes with every preconceived idea and prejudice possible.

With trepidation, a flavor was picked by us and took a puff. The ceramic heating element offered robust hits regarding the flavored cannabis vapor that is distillate. Wow, it is not bad! Unlike other flavored vapes we have tried, Ish’s added tastes are not bold, not in the face. That subtlety is a really positive thing and just what sets Ish apart from others which have reminded us of Kool help.

I attempted the experiment once more, without warnings, with another team consisting of seasoned regular marijuana users combined with periodic users who can just take a winner at a social occasion. Everyone else liked the Ish Pens once more!

Ish O-Pen Vapes come in three varieties/flavors in 250 mg and 500 mg sizes:

Indica/Bavarian Cream – This one possesses good light sweet vanilla taste and offered a soothing nighttime high that helped me sleep well.

Sativa/Blue Raspberry – The fruitiest regarding the three, this is popular for people reducing their method into cannabis usage. Continue reading “Cannabis Product Reviews – Ish O-Pen Flavored Vape Pens”