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He liked it very much, he taught himself how to write with italics. You can increase your handwriting speed by making some simple modifications to your handwriting style, and especially by simplifying the way you write letters. This means that you should try to get rid of excess marks and style, as long as leaving them does not affect the legacy of your writing. Sometimes called the Dora Gothic Book or Black Letter, it was the most enduring scenario of the Middle Ages and was in use from the 12th to the 16th century. The shapes of the letters are kept separate from each other, and when properly separated gives the appearance of formality and boredom.

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The most important documents are consistently written, the constitution, the declaration of independence, etc. I like to write with course because it is easy on my hands .

When first released, these types of letters were called “classic” patterns. However, in the early days, it became clear to those printers that these were not updated versions of the classic style, but entirely new designs. As a result, their classification was renamed “Modern”. Since the mid-20th century, they have also been classified as Neoclassical or Didon..

The contrast between thick and thin strokes is sudden and dramatic. The axis of rotation is vertical, with little or no tightening. In many cases, stroke terminals are “ball” shaped rather than with a wider pen impact space. These are quite well designed designs with clearly constructed letters.

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