Jo said that machine issues are probably the most

“I would love for basketball to come back,” Thompson said. “I’d love to be back on the court and going at guys and grabbing rebounds over guys and have their coaches get frustrated and call timeout. But at the end of the day it’s not my decision. I vividly remember one of the first times I saw Rajesh Patel coach and spearheading force of Chhattisgarh basketball in action on the sidelines of a basketball court. It was the 2010 Junior National Basketball Championship in Vashi, Maharashtra, the annual tournament featuring the top under 18 players in the nation. By then, Patel had already turned Chhattisgarh’s junior, youth, and sub junior level girls into the most successful programme of the decade, winning dozens of medals across the various competitions.

The other side of the coin is the information asymmetry poor migrants faced. Many were unable to access information on the relief, benefit and transport provided by various governments. Many became prey to disinformation, unscrupulous touts, and motivated panic mongers.

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